Tosoh continuing heritage of extraordinary precision.

Touch screen operation For Diabetes Monitoring and HbA1c tests by FDA – has the Tosoh G8 approved by the FDA. Tosoh continuing heritage of extraordinary precision, offers pinpoint accuracy the G8 with the industry’s lowest CVs of less than 2 percent. Product Manager Product Manager Ranka Milojkovic says: ‘The instrument-reagent system utilizes the gold standard test ion-exchange process in HbA1c effectively monitor glycohemoglobin in diabetes patients. ‘ – With its compact dimensions of 21 ‘wx 19’hx 20 ‘d The G8 fits easily in most laboratory environments, the G8 provides fast results with an HbA1c analysis of only 1.6 minutes Simple touch-screen operation, automatic start.-up and daily maintenance make the system extremely user friendly.

The separated hemoglobin components of the LED photometer flow cell through which changes in absorbance measured at 415 nm. G8 G8 software and reduces the raw data, and then calculates the relative %ages of each hemoglobin fraction. The expression consists of the numerical results and chromatogram. This represents the changes of absorbance versus retention time for each peak fraction. An analysis requires only 1.6 minutes.###The study was published this month which journal PLoS ONE, and was partly by which Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada funding, and a Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Dickson is also a scholar of Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.

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