The researchers examined data from two clinical trials in Rakai.

The researchers examined data from two clinical trials in Rakai, male circumcision reduces the incidence of HIV infection showed. A NIAID NIAID and the other by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S Fauci told the press that:.

medically supervised adult male circumcision is a scientifically proven method for reducing a man’s risk of HIV infection through heterosexual intercourse. ). Research provides compelling evidence that circumcision can provide some protection against genital herpes and HPV infection and For this study, the researchers, the effectiveness of male circumcision for the prevention infection with herpes simplex virus type 2 and human papillomavirus infection and syphilis in HIV-negative adolescent boys and men .The United Nations healthcare provider – to World Health Organisation – is overdue African Regional Health Report posted. Document is a disappointing expense and one which illustrates weaknesses rather than their strengths WHO, is the editorial. The reporting suffers greatly under it, optical on fact and at well-rehearsed rhetoric. Lot of past the past WHO World Health Report and completed by data from another institutional. Find some useful anecdotes, for example, a on Rwanda success of in the reduction of traffic accident, but those are not make create a strategy for for Africa’s revival, said the editorial staff.