The proposed new rules N

The proposed new rules N. 8:57-3 , the law would need the creation of the administrative structure to implement the NJIIS operation . Particular N. 8:57-3 establish confidentiality of information in the NJIIS the requirements the requirements for the management of NJIIS and procedure for authorized users registration, training, access to information and NJIIS retreat. November 2008 at the rules would establish requirements for informing parents about the NJIIS; enrollment registrants to provide registrants with access to their information, record label request changes to their record label, and a method for withdrawal. 8:57-3 would mandatory participation for health care providers administering vaccines for children under seven years to 1 January 2011, and the information for reporting to the NJIIS establish necessary. The proposed new rules would also set penalties. For violations of the rules.

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