Advancing Prostate Cancer: Combo Treatment Best

Ten years after the start of treatment, approximately 24 percent of men treated with hormone therapy alone died of prostate cancer. Only about 12 percent of men treated with combined hormone / radiation had died of their cancer. Read more

Interruption of the supply chain of nerve cells may contribute to Parkinson’s

‘MPP + is a derivative of a synthetic form of heroin developed in California in the early 1980’s,’ said O’Malley. ‘It ‘came to the attention of scientists when teen drug people went to hospital with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.’ Read more

Evil emotional health care for children

Compared to other children with chronic medical conditions, the study shows that children with health problems were more emotional or behavioral twice as likely to be affected by their conditions and these conditions often created financial problems the house. Mental health problems do not affect big kids Read more

Cough medications should be as over-the-counter drugs, the FDA panel recommends

The recommendations of the Advisory Committee are not binding, the FDA can ignore them if they wish, but it does so rarely. The Committee asked whether dextromethorphan should be planned – a move aimed at reducing access to drugs with high potential for abuse. Read more

British Medical Association Scotland response to the Health Committee of the draft Law on

This report provides a complete and detailed description of the evidence provided to the Committee on Health. However, due to the divergence of views among members, the relationship is not precisely clear direction to Parliament on how to advance the bill. Read more

Twenty-four hour urine evaluations and metabolic Spot: Correlation Versus agreements

UroToday – the only urology website with original content written by key opinion leaders actively engaged in clinical practice global urology. To access the latest urology news releases UroToday, go to: Read more

Breast cancer: better than vegetables

After attempting to follow the diet for more than seven years, 17 percent of women in each group had had their cancer return, and 10 percent in each group died. Read more

Doctors pleased with the support for the proposed process of national formation, Australia

It would be based on Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway, which since its inception a few years earlier, he gave many young medical students to countries all over the city of Queensland . at a time when most people thought that happen again. Read more

MPs call for better controls how the PCT to spend money Dementia Strategy, United Kingdom

More than two-thirds of Primary Care Trusts in England are unable to say whether and how they spent the money allocated to them under the national strategy for dementia England. Read more

Diabetes UK’s position on low carb diets

There are several reasons why people become obese and it is logical that there are different ways to lose weight. While whole grains are inclusions of starch in the diet, few people today are basing their diet on these foods. A sedentary lifestyle and eating too many refined carbohydrates are highly processed foods Read more

Heart disease in children? Fat Chance – Literally

The researchers also say that the problem is not just better nutrition, but sending the message right to the culture of different ethnic communities. We have learned to target in their language, their culture. We will not sell potatoes. Let’s sell them with beans and tortillas, said Sanchez Read more

Shire Announces European Approval of VPRIV (R) (velaglucerase alfa) for the treatment of Gaucher disease type 1

VPRIV is not available in all countries and prescribing information may differ from country to country. Please consult local prescribing information. Read more

Surgeons Develop the use of Scar-Free surgical technique for most patients

The approach under a gallbladder surgery is not for everyone, Dr. Patients who need emergency surgery or who have undergone surgery that has accumulated scar tissue are probably not suitable candidates. ‘These two populations separately, we try to offer this technique to anyone who comes to elective laparoscopic gallbladder surgery,’ he said. Read more

New weapon in the battle of the bulge: press anti-hunger aromas during chewing power

Their analysis revealed that the aroma release during chewing does not contribute to the feeling of fullness and, eventually, to consumers ‘decisions’ to stop eating. The report cites a number of possible applications, including the development of foods that release more aroma during chewing or developing aromas that have a more powerful effect in triggering feelings of fullness. Read more

Possible link between perceived racism, sleep disorders and health

Grandner found that people who suffer from racial discrimination are more likely to have poor mental and physical health. The results suggest that sleep may be an important route linking discrimination with health problems. Read more

Dramatic increase in teen suicide

A brief psychological intervention may be all adolescents if they need a sensible and healthy family, good peer relationships, hope for the future, and the desire to resolve conflicts. Read more

Possible role of bacteria in atherosclerosis

Bacteria can enter the circulation by different routes, and then penetrate the vessel walls, where they can create secondary infections, which have been shown to lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, the researchers continued. ‘To test the idea that bacteria are involved in vascular pathogenesis, we must be able not only to detect bacterial DNA, but the first to isolate bacterial strains from the vascular wall of the patient,’ said Dr. Kozarov. Read more

Scientists follow their noses when investigating muscle repair

The human genome contains about 400 genes that encode olfactory receptors, and mice have more than 900. It is not clear which is the equivalent of MOR23 in humans, or if the olfactory receptors that respond to lyral in humans are involved in muscle repair. Read more