Mary Fjerstad.

Planned Parenthood health centers are audited on site for inner accreditation by the PPFA. Since 2005, concurrent with the starting date of our analysis, the accreditation process provides included auditing to verify that adverse events related to the use of mifepristone for medical abortions are submitted as required. Because the analysis of mild postabortion infection is clinically highly subjective and there is substantial variation in how it is defined, we centered on serious infections solely. We classified as significant infections cases where the individual had fever accompanied by pelvic discomfort and was treated with intravenous antibiotics either in an emergency division or inpatient unit, or cases in which death or sepsis caused by infection was documented.Involvement in social tasks, caring for employees and their own families, and providing equal opportunities for all employees type the foundation of the global operations. Mutual respect and cooperation, as well as environmental protection and sustainability are intrinsic factors in all of Boehringer Ingelheim’s endeavors. This year 2010, Boehringer Ingelheim published net sales around 12.6 billion euro while spending almost 24 percent of net sales in its largest business segment Prescription Medicines on research and advancement. 1. Stewart S, Murphy N, Walker A, et al. Cost of an emerging epidemic: an economic evaluation of atrial fibrillation in the UK.