Mark McLaurin of the Community HIV / AIDS Mobilization Project

Mark McLaurin of the Community HIV / AIDS Mobilization Project, said the new estimate ‘means little if it does not a spark of our collective anger about the deadly neglect inflame the acute emergency useful is ‘(Fox, Reuters .

Several HIV advocates expressed anger at CDC delays in the data in the. . timely information is important for prevention was October 2007, when the agency completed the study, the Wall Street Journal reports UNAIDS Director Peter Piot said Kate Krauss, Physicians for Human Rights, said: Science-based AIDS prevention means having access to accurate data about how many people are infected, adding: Without them, we are shooting in the dark (Chase, Wall Street Journal.

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Kristof writes that the UN estimates that 200 million women worldwide ‘have which to call demographer an ‘unmet medical need ‘for a secure and effective birth that is, do not want to get pregnant to be, but does not equipped with a modern shape. Family planning. ‘He continues that the UN estimates that these ‘unmet medical need gives ‘70,000 to 80,000 unintended pregnancies annually as well as 19 million abortions have and 150,000 maternal deaths. According Kristof, ‘family planning proved to be tougher than lot of enthusiasts had anticipated , for it require much more than condoms or the pill. ‘He goes that in Haiti, unless it ‘expenditure on contraception is fairly high, and that women saying they want less children. Only one quarter of Haitian women birth control. ‘Relying on a book titled ‘The reproduction inequalities, ‘Kristof says that going the ‘effective policies on contraception is better consultation, view more Would to female to hospitals, a wider choice by methods that are absolutely free belong to. And a wide range endeavor raise status of women ‘education of girls and prospects for women ‘to incomes micro micro – lending, factory work or vocational ‘are the best ways to increase women, he says, adding : ‘it is sometimes said that the best contraception does not pill and the IUD, but education for girls. ‘He also writes on that it is ‘and ample evidence, if parents certain that their children live, that they have less investing more in each of which. ‘, ‘mounting, ‘mounting the academic emphasizes underscores What do is intuitively obvious to Haiti: unless the U.S., the is more successful in the poorer countries, they will not be able to which tackling poverty, ‘says Kristof. It noted that President Obama has once again the financing of the UN Population Fund that the U.S., the ‘possibility of a global lost momentum lost momentum cause for family planning again ‘(Kristof, Times.

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