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While COX-2 inhibitors subclass of NSAIDs appears to offer a reduced incidence of gastrointestinal injury, there remain ongoing concerns about the risk of increased cardiovascular complications. Proton pump inhibitors are prescribed in detail existing existing ulcers, lesions, but to prevent ulcer development. H2-receptor antagonists are also prescribed for the treatment of NSAID-induced gastric lesions, but with limited success.. About NSAID-induced gastric ulcerNSAIDs are among the most commonly used drugs worldwide. Although the analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties of NSAIDs the treatment of the treatment of pain and inflammation, long-term use of gastrointestinal injury from upset stomach to ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.Celsion is a leader in oncology company specializing in the history and marketing of innovative anticancer drugs including the Tumour targeting treatments with focus heating energy in combination with heat -activated liposome agent technology. Celsion has R, license, or commercialization agreements with major institutions such as the NIH, Duke University Medical Center, University of Hong Kong, and non-invasively at UCLA Department of Medicine, the Kyungpook National University Hospital, Beijing Cancer Hospital and Oxford University.