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Next week we’ll be releasing photos of the grow systems! Companies support the donation effortLiving Gas ( has recently pledged funding to support 100 grow systems. Boku Superfood ( has pledged 20 percent of its online product sales through the end of February, 2015. Organic Lifestyle Magazine ( a publisher of health-related information and practical information columns, has sponsored 15 grow systems. LuvByNature ( manufacturers of the pristine, hormone-free, low-temperatures ‘Grazing Goat Whey Proteins’ that is clearly a customer favorite in the Natural News Store, has sponsored 10 grow systems. And new this full week, the owner of these websites provides pledged 8 percent of online product sales through March 15th, 2015: This is the time to urge your local school to request a donationWe now have funding for over 170 grow systems, yet we only have 71 donation requests up to now.The reductions in risk were similar for loss of life from cardiac causes, non-fatal myocardial infarction, refractory angina, and repeat revascularization; of these components, just the between-group difference in the rate of cardiac death was not significant . The rate of death from noncardiac causes didn’t differ significantly between the two study organizations . There have been 2 events of STEMI and 5 events of non-STEMI in the preventive-PCI group and 9 and 11 occasions, respectively, in the group receiving no preventive PCI . Procedure Data and Follow-up Therapy The procedure time, fluoroscopy dosage, and contrast quantity were elevated in the preventive-PCI group .