$100 loses its value as you happen to be states with an increase of government control.

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Evaluation, the Tax Base compiled data from 2005 through 2009 showing the true purchasing power of personal income per capita. They compared New York with the constant state of Kansas. In nominal dollars, NY appears richer, boasting $47,000 per capita to Kansas’ $39,000 per capita. Following the actual purchasing power of the dollars was adjusted per capita using the Consumer Price Index, the worthiness of money gained in Kansas surpassed the value of New York money.[2] Obviously, such claims are not supported by any scientific evidence-but exhibit rather the lack of professionally valid diagnostic specifications. They fall into the group of promotional hype, and reflect grandiose advertising goals. Before Sen Even. Grassley uncovered concealed corporate economic underpinnings, Dr. Biederman’s aggressive promotion of the wide usage of antipsychotic medicines for U.S. Children raised serious concerns on the subject of his professional judgment and integrity. September In, 2007, CBS News, 60 Minutes aired a critical statement about Dr highly. Biederman and the Mass. General group for recommending the most intense pharmacological treatment for the broadest group of kids. Discover, ‘What Killed Rebecca Riley?’ Dr.